​Our Services

Services For Individuals and Professionals

Premier Care Management Services

Aging Solutions Premier Care Management is a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for aging or disabled loved ones or persons.  Our primary goals are:

  • Improve the client’s quality of life
  • Reduce family stress due to care needs

Plan ​Details

  • ​Client medical, psycho-social and living conditions assessment to identify care and safety needs.
  • Create customized care plan to improve the client's overall physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Arrange appointments with physicians, attorney's, home health agencies as needed​.
  • ​On-going planning and problem solving, education and advocacy, and caregiver coaching.
  • Weekly visits are made to supervise continued care, reorder medications, attend medical appointments and support care companions.

VIP Medication Management Services

VIP Medication Management is a service that assures aging loved ones, families, and physicians that a client's prescribed medications are managed and taken correctly.

Administered by licensed NP/RN's

  • Aging Solutions licensed NP/RN will set up prescribed medications as ordered by the client's physicians​
  • Work to achieve self or family administration of medications.​
  • ​Work closely with our client's physicians and pharmacists and help or clients get the most positive outcomes from the course of treatment.
We may arrange a private in home medication review by our contracted pharmacist.

Elite Home From the Hospital Services

Elite home from the hospital is a service that solves the problems of aging loved ones or clients who must enter a hospital and be discharged to their homes.

Your successful transition team

Aging Solutions professional care managers will assess, coordinate, guide, educate and advocate for the client, adult children/family and family caregiver through pre-admission, admission, hospitalization, discharge and the transition back home into the community.  Preventing readmission is a major benefit of this service.  We monitor our clients after discharge, support caregivers and family, monitor medications and arrange community services for rehabilitation as appropriate.

End of Life Care

End of Life Care is a group of services provided to a client and family facing disease process that may lead to terminal illness.

Let us help guide the hard decisions

The client and family desire information for help with making healthcare decisions, preparing for death, achieving closure, getting support for emotional well being, advocate for best care and practices, enhancing self efficacy, gaining confidence in one's ability to care for a family member, monitored personal care, work closely with hospice if present. 

​Services For ​Assisted Living Centers

Gold Standard Concierge Companion Services

Aging Solutions Gold Standard Concierge Companion Services will engage aging loved ones or residents in one on one pleasurable activities that cannot be offered in the Assisted Living Environment.  The goal is to:

  • Enhance the clients/residents Quality of Life by engaging them in activities that will help them remain in the Assisted living.

Plan Creation

  • We conduct an assessment to identify the problems, needs and strengths then develop a unique care plan.
  • Quality of Life assistant visits are provided as needed based on the care plan.
  • At least monthly Professional Care Management monitoring, communication and dissemination.
  • Professional care managers will also attend care conferences and be the professional advocate at medical appointments or even during hospitalizations.