September 16

Healthy Aging Month – 10 Tips to be healthy

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According to Healthy Aging® Magazine, September is Healthy Aging Month and is a good time to focus on better health practices and health management.

Some people think it is "too late" for them to enjoy good health or even to "re-invent" themselves. It is never too late to make meaningful changes in your life. You could discover a new sport, career, passion, or even pick up a new hobby. Making small, meaningful changes will lead to better overall health.

The number of individuals over 45 is growing each and every year. Much attention has been given to the baby boomer generation, but attention is now turning to Gen x-ers. Their biggest challenge? staying active and in good health as long as possible.

Why Health Aging month?

September is a perfect time to bring healthy aging into focus. Many people are thinking of starting on new tasks after the summer. The observance of a health focus is to help people rejuvenate themselves and make positive changes that can impact their physical, financial, social or even mental health and wellness.

With this change in mind, here are 10 tips to help you re-invent yourself in September:

  1. Remember that growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional. With that advice, it is important to remember to not act your age or even what you think your age should act like. Think of how you felt when you were younger. Was it 30? 45? or even now? If you can picture yourself at that age again and then be it, you will find that it will go a long way toward feeling better about yourself.
  2. Be positive with yourself and others through conversation and actions. If you find yourself complaining, catch yourself and change it into a positive. I heard a friend once say, quit tuning into C.N.N. or Constant Negative News. Turn off the TV and the social media and focus on the positives in life.
  3. Remove negative influences from your life. Do you have friends who are always negative? Let them go. That can sound harsh and cruel, but our outside influences make us into who and what we are becoming. Surround yourself with happy, positive influences and you will be happy too!
  4. Walk like a young and health person should. Remember how in grade school you used to sometimes walk with a limp and then that leg started hurting? The same is true as you age. Make a conscious effort to walk with big strides using your heal first. You will be amazed at how walking with confidence will make you feel.
  5. Stand up straight and don't slouch! Remember how your mother used to always remind you to stand up straight? As we get older we often relax our posture. Go ahead and hold your stomach in, have your shoulder back, and keep your chin up. Notice in a mirror how this posture makes you look. Remember that your waist will always look thinner if you stand upright.
  6. Don't forget to smile. Smiling has so much to do with our physical, mental, and even emotional health. A smile will wipe away negativity and help you to see the good and beauty in everything around you.
  7. Get out and take a walk. Not only is walking good for your health, but get out and walk to a neighbors home. Check in on them. Doing a small act of service while getting out and walking yourself will help you to have strong friendships and give your life purpose and meaning.
  8. Let this month be a reminder to get in for your annual health checkups and screenings. Regular screenings, like regular maintenance on a car, will keep your body in peak operating condition.
  9. Create a new friend. Are you feeling lonely? That is the perfect time to get out and create a new friend. Find ways to be where other people are. Even just pick up the phone to check in on a friend or loved one. We cannot survive long without those interactions and loneliness is easily solved with a simple action. He who makes a friend out of everyone he meets is never alone.
  10. Develop a new hobby or skill. I like to say there is an inner artist in each one of us. Whether your art is expressed through painting, crafting, sewing, playing a music instrument, let that inner artist come out. Being expressive through art is good for the mind and the soul. Sharing those art skills with others will also bring much satisfaction to you and them. If you are adventurous, find a new hobby or skill to try out.


Take the time this month to set one or two goals to work on with these 10 tips. As you do, notice how you feel. Your body will tell you how it feels best of all. If you find yourself feeling better, keep making subtle changes to yourself and your routine to help you enjoy amazing health this fall.


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