August 17

Geriatric care managers: They can save older adults and their families time and money

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Article written by: Alix Boyle (Hartford Magazine)
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Geriatric care managers — professionals who help older adults and their families find appropriate services relating to aging — have long worked in Florida with its large elderly population. Now, Connecticut is seeing an uptick in hiring these very useful supervisors.

“It’s like having a skilled professional as a family member,” says Jessica Dakin, a geriatric care manager at Hartford HealthCare. “It can be trying, if you are in the hospital and you need help transitioning either back home or to assisted living; if your family lives out of town, or you are single and don’t have children. Or it’s just too much to juggle, or the situation is confusing and you don’t know what to ask for.”

Geriatric care managers oversee and organize many aspects of daily life, including doing a safety check in the home, assessing the financial circumstances and hiring someone to do bill paying and paperwork. They can manage medical care, including getting to doctor’s appointments, communication with all the doctors and providers, and making sure medication gets refilled. A care manager may also...

At Aging Solutions, we care about your and your aging loved one as much as you do. Our goal is to help you save time and money while providing the appropriate care for your loved ones. We invite you to reach out and speak to one of our Geriatric Care Manager's to see how we can help you.


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