Our Story

Aging Solutions was founded to meet a need for specialized Professional Care Management services specifically for the aging or disabled and their families residing in the Northern Utah Area.

A family member who cares for an aging loved one will often shoulder the burden of care alone.  This can become especially difficult when their own time is limited or they do not live close enough to help.  Often the care-giver is left to dealing with the stress of care alone.

We know personally the stresses that a family or family member can experience during these difficult years and that is what led to the formation of Aging Solutions.

Our Passion

Our Professional Care Managers hold Master or Bachelor Degrees in Social Work or Nursing, are licensed, certified or registered, professional, experienced & are focused on providing personal Professional Care Management services that preserve your quality time with loved ones.

Our passion is to help the aging and disabled population, along with their families, through these most difficult years working together to improve quality of life.

Our Experience

Our Professional Care Managers have over 20 years experience working with the aging and disabled population. They are passionate in their work and help by providing answers to questions & solutions to problems and are dedicated to providing outstanding Professional Care Management Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Care Management?

​Care Management works with the aging and disabled population & their families to manage and identify problems then implement solutions & referring various types of services related to the health & psycho-social care of aging or disabled loved ones. Care Management does this by providing a working knowledge of health, psychology, human development, family dynamics, public & private resources and funding sources while advocating for clients throughout the continuum of care.

By focusing on planning & care coordination we can meet the short and long term care needs, improve quality of life and maintain independence for as long as possible of loved ones.

What is a professional care manager?

​A professional care manager specializes in providing services to the aging, generally aged 65 and older or the disabled and their families and offer personalized services. A professional care manager is not a public or medical case manager and has the flexibility and availability to respond to the aging client and their families needs 24/7.

Professional care managers help the aging or disabled family with meeting the needs of all the family members. A professional care manager is a health and human services specialist that leads and advocates for families who are caring for aging loved ones or disabled adults. Professional care managers generally have a college degree and experience working with the aging population and their families or the disabled adult in fields such as social work, gerontology, nursing, or psychology, with an emphasis on issues related to aging and their care & safety needs.

Professional care managers support their aging or disabled clients and their families in reaching their greatest functional abilities. Obtaining independence is paramount, with safety and security issues confronted. Professionals care managers answer questions relevant to the health and welfare of their aging client and family.

How can a professional care manager help you?

​A Professional Care Management provider can be contacted when care-giving for an aging or disabled loved one becomes overwhelming.

Professional Care Management can help if your loved one has multiple prescription medications or emotional issues; is not able to live safe in current home environment; has issues with care or care providers and needs advocacy; does not understand their financial & legal situation or has no support system in place.

A Professional Care Management provider can help your family if you need direction about care, safety & available services; caregiver burnout; understanding chronic illness, terminal diagnosis and lives miles away from your loved one; unable to agree on care decisions as the family of a loved one or if your family needs education, information or direction in Dementia/Alzheimer's care, level of care or relocation.


​What our Clients are saying

​I contacted Aging Solutions to help our family to best care for our 91 year old mother because we all had different ideas and could not agree. Aging Solutions provided us with consultation and family mediation services that helped our family come together and agree on the care and safety needs of our mother. We could not have done this without their help."

Helen T.

Medford, OR

As a Nurse Practitioner working in the homes of people generally aged 70 and older, I am very pleased with the referrals I have made to Aging Solutions to help the patients I work with and their families. Aging Solutions provides outstanding services.

Bryan K.

Ogden, UT