August 19

A great way to reduce elderly care costs

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Health care has been a hot topic for a few years now. Making healthcare affordable means different things to different people, but new studies give new insights to making health care affordable for the elderly. And research shows that Professional Geriatric Care Managers is key to helping keep costs down when treating the elderly.

It's important to know that in a recent article in the New England Journal of medicine, they shared how one in five seniors are rehospitalized within 30 days of being discharged. This is concerning because it was discovered that only HALF of the elderly patients received self-care instructions or even see a doctor after they have been discharged. This means that many hospitalizations could have, and should have, been prevented with proper care and instructions.

The most concerning part is that this isn't new information. Fortunately, it's finally being looked at due to concerns about the growing costs of health care under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It's now recognized that elderly patients who receive care coordinated in the home by specially trained geriatric care managers, substantially reduce hospitalizations and emergency room admissions by up to 90%

In essence, professional Geriatric Care Managers become extensions of the physician in the home setting, while ensuring maximum use of primary care. This can limit and forestall preventable use of emergency room visits and hospitalizations, reducing the cost of healthcare for both the healthcare system and the elderly individual. It is also known that reducing hospital and emergency room usage leads to improved patient satisfaction, and improved quality of life.

As professional Geriatric Care managers, we fully understand the key components to better care for the elderly. Here are some that we live by;

1. Partnering with the support system of our clients, including family, physicians, hospitals, social services, legal and financial advisors, and other service personnel.

2. Engagement and communication
 with the entire team while respecting the expertise and leadership of each area of care.

3. A commitment to a consumer-centered perspective and services. This includes lifestyle preferences, faith traditions, available financial resources, and dignity of care.

4. Improving the health comprehension of the patient and his/her support system is important for successful coping so everyone fully understands all that’s going on and knows when to call the Professional Geriatric Care Manager for any concerns that might arise.

5. Ability to Continually adjust the plan of care and surrounding environmental factors based on the daily needs of the elderly patient. Approximately 50% of our time is spent with clients in health education and counseling to cope with health care needs.

At Aging Solutions, we are committed to helping our clients and their families find the best plan to meet their needs and budget. Every individual has different needs and each situation is different. A Geriatric Care Manager will help address those unique differences with a plan customized just for you. Reach out to one of our Geriatric Care Managers today for a consultation and see how we can help you save time and money!


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