Aging Solutions

has everything you need to create a plan to care for your aging loved one


Aging Solutions has Geriatric Care Managers who there to help your life run a little bit easier when it comes to caring for your aging loved one.  We work with you to create a plan that will with the important life questions?

  • What can I do for my loved one when I live out of state?
  • Who is going to manage the finances?
  • How do I get them to and from doctors appointments?

An Aging Solutions Care Manager is there answer these important questions.  Our range of services depends on the needs of your loved one. We take a Holistic Approach:

​​A Care Plan ​that works for you!

Meet with an Aging Solutions Care


Set up a FREE 30 minute consultation with an Aging Solutions Care manager to determine if services are appropriate for your unique situation

Create a Custom Care Plan

A custom care plan will help you to organize and manage the care of your loved one once an Assessment is completed by an Aging Solutions Care Manager

​Administer the Care Plan

​Easily follow the recommended Care Plan on your own or with the guidance of an Aging Solutions Care Manager.


​Ready to create your custom care plan?

More than a Care Manager

​Our care managers do way more than help you manage care.  We also provide you:

​Quality Time With Your Loved One

​A Care Manager can help relieve the burden on your shoulders so you can spend time with your loved ones.

​​Brings an expert ​in to your care circle

​Having someone who is trained and licensed or certified to help with your aging loved one can help relieve stress.

​​​Preserve Family Relationships

​Another aspect a Aging Solutions Care Manager can help with is to take the emotion out of decisions that often create family arguments.


“We could not have done this without their help!”

I contacted Aging Solutions to help our family to best care for our 91 year old mother because we all had different ideas and could not agree.  Aging Solutions provided us with consultation and family mediation services that helped our family come together and agree on the care and safety needs of our mother.  We could not have done this without their help.  (Medford, Or)


“They were a life saver!”

I was the primary caregiver for my elderly parents, mother of three children ages 5 to 12, a spouse, dealing with my own medical issue and totally overwhelmed.  I had little to no help from my siblings that lived out of state and my parents never agreed to my pleas for help.  I felt I could barely keep my head above water. I was referred to Aging Solutions by the medical home healthcare company.  They were a life saver, literally for my parents and myself.  My parents are safe and well cared for in an assisted living, I have my life back and I am a daughter now, not a primary caregiver. I have quality time with my parents and my own family.  Thank you Aging Solutions. (Northern Utah)